Samoyeds are natural extroverts who thrive on companionship and hate being left alone for long periods of time. That is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that this adorable Samoyed from New York City has tons of friends in his neighborhood, all of whom he visits on each of his walks!

When Brodny Wilson and his family first got Cairo, the Samoyed, they immediately realized what a talkative and bubbly pup he was. The pooch always had something to say about practically everything and loved nothing but hang out with his family members.

Over time, Cairo got used to his neighborhood in Queens, NYC, too. And from there, he began to make friends with both his two-legged and four-legged neighbors. Of course, because he was naturally friendly, it didn’t take long for the pup to accomplish his mission and make a handful of paw pals, namely Bruno, Loki, Royal, Flower, and Domino.

Since he met them, Cairo had always wanted to hang out with them every chance he got. In fact, the pup enjoyed his buddies’ companies so much that whenever he was out on a walk with Brodny, he always insisted on dropping by every one of his friends’ houses.

This, of course, made Cairo’s walks longer than intended as the pup never went home without checking in on his pals. They would pass by each of his dog buddies’ houses, and once they got there, the Samoyed would exchange a quick hello with them before moving on to the next place.

Brodny shared that this could be a little frustrating, especially when he only had a short time to walk the pooch on some days. However, all the fur dad really wanted was to see Cairo happy, and if their house-to-house stroll were the pup’s happy pill, then he would happily comply. Look at the Samoyed on one of his house visits here.

Courtesy of cairo_the_samoyed


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