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Since its inception in 1999, this dog shelter based in Sudbury has been faithful to its mandate of saving and providing stray dogs a loving and caring environment.

For 20 years now, Save a Dog Human Society has already saved and provided homes for dogs totaling to 7,000 or more in number. But for Shirley Moore, the President of the organization, this number is not really what matters.

For her, what matters the most is how they change lives to the many stray and neglected pooches that go to their center.

Moore also shared the humble beginnings of the dog shelter when in the first nine years of its existence, the center sought refuge from her own home before it transferred to its current location on Boston Post Road.

While all expenses were shouldered by her, Moore said she did not feel any burden because it is part of her advocacy to give stray dogs a place they could call home.

Local residents who knew the existence of the dog shelter laud it for its holistic method in approaching local animal rescue. One of the things the locals appreciate is the center’s use of non-chemical-based products. Instead of such, Moore shared that they use supplements which will boost the dog’s immune system.

Apart from this, Moore underscored the importance of the fact that dogs in the shelter are not over-vaccinated, saying over-vaccination could cause several diseases later in the life of the dog.

Moore said the shelter also advocates not “over-vaccinating” a dog.

Moore is pushing for a more personalized approach in dealing with stray dogs. For her, this method greatly works because the dogs feel that they are special since they are being taken care of singly and focused on their needs.

As the center celebrates its two decades in business, Moore shared that they look to expand their center to accommodate more dogs. This way, they could also have more storage space and a room specifically designed for medical purposes.

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