In South Korea, a man went to the woods to hike together with his dog Bon. While walking on the trail, the dog suddenly ran to chase a squirrel it saw. The squirrel ran across the forest floor and quickly climbed a hill made of boulders.

The dog followed the squirrel up the rocks. But the squirrel squeezed into a crack between boulders. The dog also went into the hole in hot pursuit of the squirrel. Unfortunately, there was a steep drop after entering. The dog became trapped in between the boulders.

The crack where the dog entered was now too high for the dog to reach. The owner saw how his dog went into the hole. He tried to call rescue 119, but they did not have any equipment to break the rocks.

Try freeing the dog themselves

Armed with chisels, picks, and hammers, the owner and several people began breaking the boulders. But the rocks were too hard to break. Even after six days, they still could not free Bon. Sadly, their efforts were ineffective.

The owner knew his dog needed to eat and drink. They needed to find a way to deliver nutrients to Bon. The owner decided to feed the dog through a long plastic straw so that the dog won’t starve and feel abandoned.

The owner contacted rock experts to figure out how to move the huge boulders. Since heavy equipment like cranes or tow trucks could not reach the woods at the mountainside, the experts recommended using hydraulic jacks like the ones used for trucks.

Following expert advice to rescue the dog

The owner was able to borrow a large hydraulic jack. He brought the equipment to the hillside. Assisted by rescuers, he placed the jack near the top of the crack. He hopes that he could lift a large boulder covering the gap with the trapped dog.

The hydraulic jack slowly lifted the boulder, dislodged, and made the rock slide on the side. Luckily, the opening the boulder covered was big enough for a rescuer to enter. A rescuer reaches in, pulls the poor dog out, and finally reunites the owner with his dog. Except for some minor bruises, the dog was in good shape.

Special thanks to SBS TV via Youtube for the image used in the story.


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