In Mexico, an abandoned puppy was found tied to a park bench. The puppy had no food nor water, but there was a note beside him. Many people tried to approach him, to give him food and check the letter but he looked too scared and did not want anyone to go near him.

Marcela Goldberg of Mascotas Coyoacan, an animal welfare organization in Mexico, received a call regarding the puppy. She immediately went to the scene to help the pup, together with her colleague and fellow rescuer, Azul Galindo. At the park, she noticed kind strangers stopped to give the puppy some basic needs like water and food, but he would growl at them when they get too close.

Sadly, Goldberg is no longer surprised with reports about abandoned dogs. She received several reports of dogs left behind due to the stress brought by the pandemic. What was new to her with the puppy on the bench was the handwritten note beside it.

The dog still refused to let the rescuers go near him, but Goldberg managed to get the note, which looked like it was in a child’s handwriting. The message was in Spanish, and it indicated the heartbreaking reason why the pup was fearful of humans.

According to the note, the pup’s name is Max. It breaks the letter writer’s heart to leave the puppy behind, but he had no choice. The relatives of Max’s owner abused the poor dog, and so it would be better to let him go. The writer asked whoever can read the letter to adopt the dog, but if they can’t, they should leave the note so others can read it too.

The rescuers freed Max from the chain tied to him and replaced it with a regular leash. He was still cautious and fearful, but he started to calm down as soon as he left the bench with the rescuers. Eventually, he allowed Goldberg to pet him.

Now, Max is under the care of the Mascotas Coyoacan, who changed his name to Boston to help him forget his unfortunate past. He receives the love that he deserves. Soon, he will find a new loving family who will give him a forever home.

Photo credits to Mascotas Coyoacan via Facebook and Twitter.


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