It doesn’t matter what age, breed, or size a dog is – they are a blessing to have at home. They offer more than companionship, and sometimes, they are lifesavers in more ways than one. But they also need heroes too. It’s sad to think that dogs, when they are not young anymore and considered “cute,” are being abandoned. And even when they get rescued, they don’t get re-adopted that often. This means that they may be put to sleep to free up shelter space.

Mufasa in the concrete jungle

Rescue organizations exert a tremendous amount of effort to ensure that all dogs get a better quality of life. They provide second chances for homeless dogs, taking them off the streets and connect them to a network where they can find new families to live with. So when Hope for Paws learned that a senior dog was discovered loitering and living inside a water treatment facility, they sent their rescuers there to help him.

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In a video that has already gained more than fourteen million views, rescuers drove to the facility and found a large mangy dog, covered in dirt and grime. They didn’t approach the dog right away as it was visibly upset, scared by their presence. The rescuers were afraid that the dog might run, and fall inside the vats with harmful chemicals, or stay and fight them.

At first, they tried to lure the dog to come to them by throwing bits of food to it. The dog would take some bite but refused to go near them. They still haven’t gotten its trust. So they decided to sneak up on it. One of the rescuers crept behind the dog and caught its neck via a slip lead. Surprised, the dog yelped and tried to break free. But with some coaxing and a lot of patience, they were able to calm him down.

Soon the dog was in their car, and they brought him back to the shelter. By then, they decided to call him Mufasa. Mufasa was given a bath, happy to have all the dirt covering its fur off. Then they fed and played with him. After giving him proper medical treatments, Mufasa was sent off to a foster home. From there, they will try to find him his new forever home.

Source: Hope For Paws via Youtube


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