A cute service dog named Toli celebrated his 4th birthday with his best friend, Michael Cantu, his owner. One of his day’s highlights is choosing his own birthday present.

Toli is a dedicated service dog for Michael. He has stayed by his side ever since Michael adopted him. He assists him with daily activities such as turn on or switching off lights, opening the door, picking up stuff, and more.

The pup loved assisting Michael. But today, on his special day, Michael decided to do something for Toli instead. He also found the best way to commemorate the special occasion.

Michael didn’t want to risk giving a random present for Toli because he might end up not liking it. So, he took him to a local pet store so Toli can freely choose what he wants for his birthday.

Michael guided Toli towards the aisle where toys are displayed. Toli wagged his tail with excitement while looking at all the toys around him. He also seemed to realize why his best friend took him to the local store for a shopping trip.

Watch the adorable video while Toli searched for the perfect present:

According to Michael, Toli’s gift-hunt during his birthdays is already a tradition. He added, the pup adores his toys and even sleeps while cuddling them.

So, what did Toli chose for his 4th birthday celebration? He picked out a stuffed toy, a plush rabbit to be exact. They named it “Chungus” and Toli loves it! In fact, he brings Chungus everywhere.

Look at that smile on his face! Isn’t he adorable? Toli deserved it for being such as helpful and lovely service dog for Michael.

May Toli have more birthdays like this in the future. We would love to see his genuine happiness spread across the internet any day! Thanks to Mike Cantu & Toli for sharing this beautiful story.



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