When it comes to child-rearing, moms hold the most important role on this planet. Theirs isn’t an easy task, and the job requires full attention all day, every day.

This Shih Tzu mom and pup are the pets of one loving family. The dogs hung out one day, and while doing so, mom found an opportunity to teach her baby an important life skill.

The puppy was on its comfy bed while mom was sprawled on the floor. Together, they enjoyed each other’s company in peace.

After a while, the pup wanted to come down from her bed to get closer to mom. Just like hooman babies, pups also see their moms as their safe place.

Momma realized that this was a perfect opportunity to teach her pup how to navigate steep places. Since the fluffball was still small, the bed was a bit of a challenge.

Mom knew that she should not assist her puppy right away, even when she saw that her kid struggled. She sensed that her pup wanted to accomplish stuff, so she let her baby do it.

Even with the furball’s best attempts, mom had to intervene. She swiftly got up and nudged her baby as it slid slowly to the floor.

For such a young puppy, its initial attempt to get down from its steep bed is already an achievement. This one instinctively knew to take the slowly-but-surely path.

Most pups would not take that approach, but this one sure did. Mom may have had to help, but it was more of a quick nudge to get her baby positioned better.

This little furball was confident to attempt its first steep landing because mom’s presence was reassuring. Moms are indeed the best confidence boosters out there.

Congratulations, mom and pup! Here’s to more quality time between you two!

Credits to Nature Travel via YouTube


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