You must have heard a lot of wonderful and amazing stories about some regular dogs that turned out to be heroes in their own household or community. From a furry dog that keeps on collecting garbage on the street and recycles it, a senior dog that gets his master’s newspaper on his own from the bottom of their driveway, to a stray dog rescuing puppies. They are indeed every inch a hero. Sadly, even though time has proven how dogs could benefit every household, there are still a lot of street dogs wandering around in every corner of the world.

A heart touching story circulated on social media recently about a street dog who rescued a baby on the brink of death in Saudi Arabia. A breathtaking picture of this amazing street dog carrying the dying baby in his mouth had shaken the public. The wretched baby was apparently abandoned by her cruel mother and left hanging by a thread.

Before the street dog rescued the baby, he was spotted wandering in the streets and hungry. Instead of finding food, the dog found a baby in a trash bin, fighting for his life. It was a terrible situation for the newborn with its umbilical cord still attached.

Dogs are known as one of the most sensitive animals. Dogs can feel if their owners are frightened that they may cause trouble to anyone during their walks. If the dog is on a leash, the owner’s feeling will flow through it. They can also sense if anyone is in danger.

Sensitive to the baby’s situation, our street dog hero immediately carry the baby in his mouth and sought help. When he found a porch, he rests the baby there and barked out loud continuously to alert every one of the situation. The people were alerted and found the baby so they rushed it immediately to the hospital. Miraculously, the newborn survived. The awe-inspiring story is on this video below.

Source: Bigbang News via Youtube


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