With just one look, you will know that Caro has had a bad life. He was scrawny, full of mange, and too weak to move. When a woman named Kylina Turner first saw him, the young German Shepherd was stuck in a mangled box spring of an old bed frame someone threw away.

Unable to free himself, Caro looked at Kylina and slowly lifted his paw. Instantly, the shocked woman knew that he was reaching out for help.


Kylina said she thought it was just an old stuffed toy when she walked past the dog. The dog was not moving like it was frozen in place and staring directly at her. She was taken aback by the sight but decided to take a closer look. When she got closer, the skeletal dog’s ears suddenly twitched.

The kind woman initially was afraid to go near the dog, but it seemed that it was not aggressive, just looking for help. So Kylina took off her sweater and wrapped it around the trapped dog. Slowly, she pulled him out from under the trashed bed and placed the dog next to her.

Amazingly, as she walked to her car, the dog followed and got inside. Once there, the dog peacefully fell asleep as they drove away. Kylina took her directly to a vet as she felt that the sick-looking dog needed medical attention right away.

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The clinic staff told her that the six-month-old pup had to stay in the clinic for a while because he was severely dehydrated and sunburned. They even offered to collect money to help pay for his treatment. For her part, Kylina started a GoFundMe campaign for the dog as soon as she got home.

Caro stayed in the clinic for one week. During that time, Kylina went to visit him every day. She grew attached to the dog and decided to foster him after his stay in the clinic. And when she brought him home, she gave her daily medicated baths and started a diet plan to fatten him up.

As time passed, the dog got bigger and healthier. Their bond also grew stronger. So Kylina decided to adopt the dog and keep him with her forever.

Now, Caro is a healthy and beautiful dog. Thanks to his new mom’s tireless efforts, the young stray is now part of a happy and loving family.

Source: Stories of Animals via Youtube


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