We all know dogs are indeed man’s best buddy. But have you ever stopped to realize how similar dogs and men really are? Here are a few observations.

Both men and dogs take up too much space on the bed. Think about it. You’re in a battle over nudging your loved one to scoot a few inches over and figuring out how to contort your body to accommodate the dog.

dogs, husky, german shepherd

Neither your dog nor your man wants to clean the dishes. Many times, they will both pretend like there isn’t even a kitchen. Until mealtime, that is.

Both are not sure how they feel about the mailman. He could be a potential threat! But wait, is that package for me?

dog, puppy, pet

Both feel threatened by their own species. But they will both pretend like it’s totally cool when they’re chilling with their mates.

Both dogs and men have an urge to mark their territory. Dogs do this by lifting their leg, of course. Men do this in various ways: parking spots, staking their turf, claiming their woman, etc. Hey kids, get off my lawn!

dog, fence, rails

Neither of them will notice if you got your nails done. Same goes with your hair, and usually with what you’re wearing and if it makes your backside look fat.

Both secretly don’t like cats nearly as much as dogs. The reasons should be obvious to you. Ugh, those pesky cats!

dog, cat, animals

Both really have a thing about vacuum cleaners. It’s irrational, we know, but there you go.

Neither dogs nor men will tell you if something is bothering them. Then again, neither do women.

In a perfect world, both would sleep and eat all day. Doesn’t really matter which one comes first; it’s a circular thing.

dog, sleeping, resting

Both like to dominate  Hey; it’s a survival tactic.

Both are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Both will love you and take care of you for life.







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