No one’s immune to falling asleep in the car, especially after a hike. No matter who you are, car rides never fail to lull anyone to sleep.

Even furry animals appreciate them, just like this German Shepherd named Chuck. He’s an active boy, and car rides offer the perfect opportunity to restore his energy.

Car rides

Chuck’s an adventurous dude, and he’s been paired with supportive and nature-loving hooman parents. It’s safe to say that this male doggo and his owners love a good outdoor escapade.

It’s unknown where this bunch traveled from, but Chuck was practically spent. That’s what happens when you do zoomies on hills, open spaces, and parks.

If Chuck hiked to the mountains, then we’re sure he chased some critters just for fun. All that running zapped the German Shepherd’s strength. That explains why Chuck fought to stay awake on the ride home.

The tired pet rested his head between his mom and dad’s seats. The car’s engine sounds and its movements must have lulled the dog further. The adorable Chuck soon nodded off.

Unknown to Chuck, one of his parents filmed the process of him fighting to stay awake. We could tell he wanted to remain conscious, but the call of sleep was much too strong for this pet.

His eyes soon glazed over, and eventually rested shut. That’s a sign that Chuck welcomed sleep and rest.

After a minute or so, the pet was jolted awake when the car passed over a hump. Chuck opened his eyes for a bit, but he soon closed them and went back to his nap.

The sleepy pet soon found himself zoning out until nothing mattered anymore. He looked so comfy that we bet his parents didn’t have the heart to wake him. Here’s to more lovely nap times in the future, Chuck!

Photo and video credits to DogLove 24 via YouTube


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