Northern white rhinos are now on the verge of extinction. In fact, there are only two of them left in the entire world. Nijan, 30, and Fatu, 19, the mother and daughter tandem, are the last of their sub-species. Because of that, they, together with the other 150 rhinos in the reserve, require round-the-clock protection.

Protecting the endangered northern white rhinos is a tough job. Good thing, they found someone who is also tough enough to do the job. His name is Drum, a one-year-old springer spaniel from Norfolk.

Drum went through extensive training with the Animals Saving Animals. His trainer, Daryl Pleasants, hand-picked the pup when he was only eight weeks old, saying that he is perfect for the role. Pleasants also noted that among the litter, Drum was the noisy one who’s always wandering off and bouncing around. Because the job is such an active role, Drum became an excellent candidate.

The dog saving a species from extinction

Meet Drum, the dog saving northern white rhinos from extinction in Kenya. 🐶🦏

Posted by BBC News Africa on Friday, May 17, 2019


The smart little pooch will serve as a search dog, sniffing out smuggled weapons and ammunition into Ol Pejeta wildlife sanctuary in Laikipia County. He underwent training specifically for him to be sent to the reserve and protect the endangered species from poachers. Pleasants said that at only four months old, Drum was already able to sniff out a specific scent from 12 boxes that are identical.

Now, Drum is living a noble life as the defender of one of the rarest species on earth. Pleasants escorted him out to his assignment at the end of March. He said that Drum is already doing very well there. The people love him, and he’ll surely enjoy running around the 93,000-hectare wildlife reserve.

The Ol Pejeta spokesperson said that Drum is acclimatizing to his new environment and bonding with his new handler, John Mamba. He is also undergoing more training sessions. Hopefully, Drum will get to love his new life in the warmer weather of Kenya.

Credit: BBC News Africa


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