Fur parents want only the best for their beloved canine buddies. No matter the situation, fur parents ensure that they keep track of their dog’s health and wellness at all times.

Thus, one adorable girl stays by her dog’s side during its meal. With the way the lass stands beside the canine, she intends to make the pup finish its food.

Eat everything, buddy, okay?

In this comical video, a brown-furred dog named Oliver stands on a patio beside an adorable toddler named Miss K. At first, it seems Miss K’s merely accompanying the doggo for some fun game.

Yet, it isn’t the case as Oliver starts digging into his delicious meal. Most toddlers by now would’ve left their canine buddies to enjoy their food, but Miss K seems intent to keep Oliver company.

At some point, Miss K even places both her hands behind her, signifying that she’s serious with the task. Perhaps, Miss K plans on watching over Oliver while he eats his delicious lunch.

Oops, continue eating.

While Oliver carries on munching his meal for the day, Miss K makes sure to stay by his side. Yet, it looks like something interesting caught the toddler’s attention as she looks towards its direction.

As Miss K’s inspecting the said peculiar object, Oliver takes some time out from munching his meal to scan the surroundings. But, the toddler notices Oliver taking a break as she immediately resumes watching over her canine buddy.

With this, Miss K immediately points her finger at the metal bowl, indicating to Oliver that he ought to resume eating his meal. When the canine refuses to accede, Miss K repeats issuing the order to emphasize her point.

Do you think Oliver willingly followed Miss K’s order this time around? If you want to see Miss K and Oliver in live-action, continue watching the live footage below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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