Many families and individuals in India feed street dogs despite many challenges. They give them water and food and show them love and affection. Sadly, they couldn’t officially adopt the strays because of their own limited resources, but they do their best to help these poor animals live with less struggle in their lives. And when any of them need medical care, they know to call for help.

Jazzy’s family, for instance, cares not just for him but his dog parents, too. Every day, they have something to eat because of them. They are lucky because they have people who truly care.

One day, however, the family found Jazzy had a horrible wound on his leg. No one ever really discovered what happened to him, but it was clear that he needed immediate medical care. They wrapped his wounded leg the best they can and then called Animal Aid Unlimited for expert care.

The rescuers did not hesitate to help and quickly responded. They scooped the poor puppy up and rushed him to their hospital.

Jazzy was the best patient. He stayed calm during his examination. He knew that they were there to help him so he let the rescue workers do their job.

Every day for two weeks, the vet staff flushed the dog’s wound with antiseptic and changed his bandages, too. They gave him food and a comfortable place to rest. They provided everything he needed to make sure he recovers well and fast.

Once the puppy was well enough, he reunited with his family. His nurses continued to provide care once he was back home until his wounds completely healed. And during that time, he eagerly waited for their arrival. He knew when they were coming and he was happy all the time.

Jazzy knew his rescuers meant well. He couldn’t speak but he showed how grateful he was for their kindness. He wagged his tail when they arrived and gave them lots of kisses before they leave.

Credits to Animal Aid Unlimited, India


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