Trevor Costelloe is a YouTube Vlogger who loves to take photos and videos of places he visits. He travels a lot and explores areas that are otherwise abandoned already. And one time, his zest for an adventure ended up saving a life.

Not too long ago, Trevor visited an abandoned water park in San Diego, California. He brought his friend Dave, and they started filming as soon as they reached the water park. Because the place has not been operational for quite some time now, they didn’t expect to see anyone in there. But they were wrong.

After a few steps in, Trevor spotted a huge white dog, staring at their direction. The friends decided to meet the pup, so they walked toward him. Once they got a little closer, they noticed the dog had company.

Trevor and Dave felt a bit terrified. They didn’t know if the dogs are friendly or vicious. And before they could run away, both pups already came approaching.

Soon enough, the teens realized the dogs meant no harm. They are incredibly friendly. But they didn’t come running just to say hi.

Quickly after they made a brief introduction, the dogs started walking away, still looking at the teens. Trevor and Dave understood that they wanted them to follow. So they did.

Not too far from where they stood, the dogs lead the teens to their friend. It rained for the last couple of days, so water filled up the pools. And there, they saw another dog, desperately trying to keep afloat.

Trevor sprang into action and helped the poor dog get into dry land. The pup had little energy left when they found him. Thankfully, help came at the nick of time.

The dogs immediately checked their friend the moment he was out of the water. They were happy and grateful that he’s finally out of his ordeal.

Trevor and Dave couldn’t believe that they just saved a dog from drowning. All they wanted was to explore the place, but they ended up saving a life. “I cannot believe that happened,” Trevor said. “I’m so happy.”

Credits to Trevor Costelloe


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