Most dogs would beg their owners to bring them out on a walk in the park. However, this husky from North Carolina is different from all the other normal pups. You see, instead of being excited to go out to explore the neighborhood, he prefers to stay inside all day long!

Meet Kodiak, a fluffy white husky who loves to eat but hates burning fats. He has grown so big that at a weight of 82 pounds, he would typically fall off their stairs and furniture and clumsily carry himself across their home. Nonetheless, this doesn’t bother him even a tiny bit.

In fact, Kodiak would avoid any sort of exercise at all costs. Being worried about the husky’s growing size, his fur mom, Jamie Naab, decided to bring him to the vet to get checked up. Unfortunately, the vet advised them to get Kodiak on a weight-loss regimen to keep him healthy.

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This meant more frequent walks and a stricter diet for the pooch. While it was good news for Kodiak’s active fur sister, Shelby Blu, this was nothing but torture for the lazy Kodiak.

So whenever Jamie tells the two huskies that they would go on a walk, Shelby would immediately run for the door. Kodiak, on the other hand, would run to the bedroom and ignore his fur mom’s calls.

However, just recently, he decided that enough was enough. He would finally stand up to his fur parents and tell them just how much he despises the silly weight-loss scheme. So when another walk time came one day, Kodiak stood his ground.

Instead of racing downstairs to join his sister on the walk, he stayed on top of the steps and howled on the top of his lungs. It was as if he was saying, “Noooooo!” Jamie couldn’t help but film the whole ordeal, all while she was giggling at the amusing tantrum Kodiak was displaying.

In the end, the stubborn husky didn’t get his way and was eventually forced into another exercise outside. Watch Kodiak’s hilarious tantrum here.

Courtesy of southern.huskies


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