We all know how stubborn toddlers can get. They shout, cry, or throw a complete meltdown whenever things don’t go their way.

However, it looks like an adorable pug can act like a rampaging toddler when bedtime comes.

It’s time for bed, bud.

In the following video, fur mom makes a short introduction about their pet pug named Ozzy. Ozzy isn’t your typical pooch though, as he refuses to go to bed every single night.

We don’t know the extent of Ozzy’s bizarre behavior yet, but we’re about to find out soon as fur mom makes her way to Ozzy’s lair.

As soon as fur mom reached the pug’s room, she immediately calls out to the pooch to inform him about the time. But, Ozzy makes the funniest reaction as soon as he hears it’s time for bed.

I don’t want to, Mom.

The moment Mom informed him about it, Ozzy dons a puzzled look, as if questioning mom if he heard the right thing.

However, mom’s pretty adamant about Ozzy’s bedtime. Mom says the words one more time for the pooch to understand. And, it looks like the pug finally understood her point as he starts moving.

But suddenly, Ozzy stops walking and plops himself on top of the doormat. The pooch then makes eye contact with Mom in an attempt to plead with her. But, mom’s not having any of it, so Ozzy’s got no choice but proceed with his next step.

I said I don’t want to, Mom!

Ozzy immediately started whining and screaming at Mom. The more Mom insists that he go to bed, the louder Ozzy screams. The pooch refuses to relent even if their heated argument escalates further.

Their noisy dispute continued for quite some time even if Ozzy managed to get inside his bed. But, it looks like this battle of wills’ bound to go on forever as the pug continues to scream in protest.

Do you think Mom managed to make Ozzy submit to her commands? View everything in live action in the video below.

Video Credit: 9Fun via YouTube


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