A Pit Bull named Blue was surrendered by his owners at a local municipal shelter when they could not bring their pet to their new home. He couldn’t understand why he was there and why his owners never came back for him. And when he finally realized that they were not returning, he was completely devastated.

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Blue started crying – loudly. He vocalized his depression, and he even shredded real tears. Maybe he hoped that by howling, his owners would hear him, and they would come back and get him.

High-kill shelter

For days, the dog stayed in one corner of his kennel, crying and whining at regular intervals. He had a big case of separation anxiety, but that was the least of his problems.

Blue was left at a high-kill shelter, it is a facility that has a strict rule. If no person claims or adopts the shelter dogs after a period of time, they would be euthanized to open up space. If he continued to be depressed, there is a big chance that he would not be adopted.

The staff at the shelter felt really sad for the poor dog. So they decided to tell his story on their Facebook page. Maybe someone out there would be willing to give the sad boy a chance. Thankfully, someone did.

A complete turnaround

Jennifer McKay saw the video of the depressed dog and was immediately heartbroken. When she saw him crying, she knew that she had to help.

The kind woman visited the dog the next day, and she saw Blue. True enough, the dog was still depressed and wouldn’t even acknowledge her presence. While the other dogs got excited to see her, Blue just kept to himself.

Jennifer became even more determined to help him. So she filed for his adoption, and a week later, she took him home. But then, a surprise happened.

Once they were out of the shelter, Blue made a complete turnaround. he became happy, playful, and energetic. It was s if the dog knew that he had a new family and he wouldn’t be alone anymore.

Source: Stories of Animals via Youtube


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