This is a heart-breaking story about a lost dog who has finally rejoined with his loved ones, a great thanks to the community extending help and never losing hope during the search.

Emer said that Buddy, a Springer Spaniel dog, is a unique boy. The moment she went missing, their hearts were broken down into pieces.

Buddy had gone missing on April 20, 2018, in Mahrees, a secluded and wild place somewhere in Ireland. Buddy went outside their house for a stroll with Emer’s neighbor when suddenly he got a seizure attack and fell unconsciously.

Frightened by the loud noises, Buddy immediately ran into the hilly sand. His family made their effort to locate him. They would do the searching for the missing dog almost every day.

After several days of looking for him, Emer luckily did sight the dog at dusk. However, Buddy was so terrified and did not identify her and then ran away.

Months went by as did summertime with no clue for Buddy’s whereabouts. Emer together with her family would travel to the place and continue the search. Sometimes, Emer said that they would sit in their car and cry and hope for his return.

The family does not have enough time to do the search as often, yet the missing Springer Spaniel unexpectedly reappeared.

An acquaintance of Emer had seen Buddy at the seashore. So, she prepared a night vision camera and crate where she could put the food, and finally, he was caught.

Six months after waiting, Buddy was lastly found. He right away identified Emer’s mom. Finally, he is reunited with his owners. Emer cannot even believe that Buddy has returned home already.

The family expressed their feeling of gratitude to all who had helped to find Buddy.

Below is a great video that shows the heartwarming story.

Video credit People of Ireland via YouTube


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