Australian shepherds are incredibly active dogs. They make the perfect family pets as long as they are kept physically and mentally stimulated. And Auzzie is no different.

Since day one, Auzzie and his mom Maci Maze have been inseparable. They are each other’s best friends. And they do almost everything together.

Maci and Auzzie live near a bustling highway. And in March 2018, Auzzie was unfortunately hit by a speeding car.

Auzzie broke his pelvis because of the accident. His legs were also shattered. And he suffered from internal injuries, too.

Maci felt devastated. She couldn’t stand seeing her best friend in such a terrible condition. That same night, the poor dog underwent a 5-hour-long surgery.

The vets worked hard, trying to save Auzzie. Because of how severe his injuries were, they didn’t think he would make it. They had to amputate his leg to save his life, and he pulled through.

The following morning, Maci went to the clinic to meet Auzzie. She saw how much energy and life her dog has. She realized how resilient he is and knew there’s no way she’s giving up on her.

In about a week, Auzzie is back on his feet, taking walks outside. And two months later, he’s already in the water, swimming. But Maci knew he needed something more.

To try and get his energy out, Maci started teaching Auzzie some tricks. “He just grew really quickly with it, really fast,” she said.

While most people think that three-legged dogs couldn’t do much, Auzzie proved otherwise. He loves to learn tricks, one after the other. And he feels like he’s on top of the world every time he performs.

“He has earned his novice intermediate, advanced, expert, and champion trick dog titles,” said Maci. “That’s every trick dog title a dog can earn.”

Tricks gave Auzzie a sense of purpose. But more than that, he helped Maci get through her tough years. “He taught me that no matter what situation you’re in, don’t give up. Defy what everyone says.s”

Credits to Maci Mize


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