Olivia was a woman from Germany who worked as a flight attendant. Her work usually brought her to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Every time the woman arrived in Buenos Aires, she stays in the same hotel.

On one of Olivia’s trips to this country, she found a dog at her hotel entrance. She named the dog Rubio and found time to play with this dog before retiring for the night. Since then, every time she arrives in the city, the dog followed her to the hotel.

Rubio always finds Olivia

Olivia tried to change her route to the hotel, hoping to prevent the dog from finding her. But for some reason, Rubio still found a way to see her in the hotel. The dog seems to know when she was there. Olivia and Rubio made a special connection with each other.

It was not surprising that Olivia grew fond of the dog. But since she finds it hard to take care of it herself, she managed to find a home for Rubio in Buenos Aires. After several trips back to Buenos Aires, Olivia was surprised to see the dog again greeting her at the hotel entrance.

Olivia and Rubio should be together

Rubio wasn’t interested in having just any home. The dog wanted to be with Olivia. Somehow, the woman felt convinced she needed a way to take the dog home with her. Olivia officially adopted Rubio and brought him home to Germany.

Rubio had to adjust to its new home in Germany. But being with Olivia, the transition became easy for the dog. Olivia also manages to make the necessary arrangements to make time for her new dog in her busy schedule.

Rubio’s persistence to see Olivia paid off. The dog now lives happily in Germany. It no longer needs to wait several days just to see and be with Olivia.

Special thanks to Zoo Land via Youtube for the image used in the story.


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