There are many stories about animals saved by humans. But have you heard about an animal saving a baby?

A woman had told a story that happened one day when she heard an infant crying in a parking lot near her home. She noticed a mother dog with her puppies. But what had surprised her was an infant lying beside the dog.

Isn’t it amazing that the maternal instinct of a dog is so strong that she can extend it to humans? Indeed, dogs are loving and intelligent creatures as they can determine if anyone is happy, angry, sad, or need some comfort.

Way is a street dog and had just delivered several puppies. It can be difficult to survive in the street due to the scarcity of food. Some people and other dogs are cruel to the little puppies. But Way is a kind-hearted dog that is not only loving and affectionate to her puppies.

It was winter cold outside, and it is dangerous for such a little creature to endure the weather. It is heartbreaking seeing a dog that seemed to be comforting an infant left by her mother. Just like a real human mother, Way comforted the little one to keep her warm.

Alejandra immediately took the baby and brought her to the hospital. The hospital’s staff assessed that the baby is safe and can recover well. If not for the goodness of Way the baby would not be saved from harm and worse, death.

The local authorities had investigated and found the mother of the baby who was allegedly experiencing severe depression. As Way had saved the baby, she along with puppies were rescued. Hopefully, Way’s family will receive the same way as she treated the helpless infant. Surely, Way is the kind of dog that any animal lover would love to have. A dog that isn’t only a good companion but also affectionate.

Watch the video below:

Video source: Life Magazine Daily via YouTube


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