This story is a case of animal neglect. Mia, a chihuahua, was brought by her owner to a vet to have her checked. The vet diagnosed her with Pyometra or an infected uterus.

The vet performed surgery on Mia even when the vet was unsure if her owner would pay for it. Once the surgery was done, the vet noticed that Mia was too pale.

The vet recommended that she receives a blood transfusion, and the owner refused. As Mia was hospitalized for days, her owner visited her.

During one of the visits, Mia’s owner took her out of the hospital. This was done without paying the bills and also against the vet’s advice. The vet was worried about Mia’s condition, so he asked help from San Jose Animal Care Center.

When officers were sent, Mia was skin and bones. She lost 25% of her body weight, so they advised the owner to bring her to an emergency vet.

The owner failed to do that as well, so the Animal Services seized Mia and had her checked. She was in terrible condition. She was extremely anemic and needed medical attention.

The team provided her with all the necessary treatments. They also happily hand-fed her as Mia would not eat on her own. In just two weeks under the care of the vets, Mia gained 30% of her body weight.

What progress! As for Mia’s previous owner, a case was filed against her, and her case was moving forward. This was good news. Mia deserves justice from what was done to her.

As Mia recovers, she was placed in foster care with Dr. Tyson, who is one of the vets in the shelter. Mia has brought sunshine to the family and the shelter. She has also come a long way.

She can eat on her own and has learned to walk with a leash. Mia is now waiting for her forever home.

Source Tails of a Shelter Vet via YouTube


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