There is this adorable little dog looks like a real brown bear. This pup that resembles a baby bear is a miniature poodle named Shu. This furry pooch has a lovely brown coat, round ears, and shiny black eyes to make it appear like a bear cub!

Instagram famous dog

Shu became famous online because he looks like a real bear cub. His Instagram account, which is @bibi_shasha, has over 130,000 followers. This account created by the owner is for Shu and his “Teddy Bear Dog Family” as they do also look like stuffed toys! The names of Shu’s family members are Huyuu, Petit, Bibi, Shasha, Ruru, El, Po, Ching, and Kiki.

The real life teddy bear

Shu’s Instagram followers call him the “Real Life Teddy Bear Dog.” In this video that we are sharing, you’ll be amazed – as he does look like a baby bear! The clips will show this famous online dog going about his daily activities. The video starts with a cuteness overload scene of this dog sitting down, just like a bear cub would, using his mouth to tilt with an empty stainless steel food bowl.

Sleeping time

Tucked in bed, with his head on a pillow, Shu holds a baby bottle and licks the tip, as if he wanted to drink milk! The next clip is of this miniature poodle feeling sleepy. When this doggie goes to sleep, he hugs a stuffed toy as he lies down on a white wool blanket.

Miniature poodles

The footage of Shu includes that of him with a couple of his family members. This brown dog is seen lying down on a large pillow with a white miniature poodle. These two furry poodles that look so much like bear cubs, sweetly blink their eyes so you’ll know that they are real! Shu is also seen lying down in the middle on a striped blue and white neck pillow, as that’s how small this dog is! The next scene is that of Shu with another white poodle wearing a hair clip, lying down tucked under a blanket, all comfy in bed.

A smiling miniature poodle

At the last part of the video, the owner is carrying Shu over the shoulder. This teddy bear dog puts on the biggest smile. Shu, the miniature poodle, is one of the cutest things in the world, as he does look like a real life teddy bear!

Source: Storyful|YouTube


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