Do you believe that dogs smile too like humans? Yes, they can. Meet Milo. There’s something in him that makes people adore him. In fact, his sweet smile was the reason why he was adopted by his foster mom. According to his mom, Ivy Rylander, every time they take a walk, Milo attracts the attention of people because of his smile. Though other dogs smile as well, the way Milo flashes his smile is different. Five years ago, Milo was adopted by Rylander.

The couple had just transferred into a new home in San Jose, California. Since they don’t have a child yet, they decided to adopt a dog to add life in their home. They found Milo in the list of dogs for adoption at Perfect Dog Rescue. It was love at first sight when Rylander saw the dog’s photo.

Milo was a former stray dog, and he was just eight months old then and very skittish. Rylander narrated that the dog was so nervous and can’t even go up the stairs. But patiently she tried to understand the timid nature of his dog as she was overwhelmed by Milo’s smile.

The couple did everything to make the dog at ease and comfortable in its new home. All their efforts were paid off because his behavior improved. People quickly notice the unique quality of their pet that is the grin and the neck that looks like a werewolf.

Until now they don’t know the breed of Milo. Based on the DNA test, the dog is a mix of Staffordshire and Labrador. But the appearance of Milo is different. The appearance of his dog is a puzzle to anyone who sees him.

Regardless of his breed and appearance, the important thing is that Milo is giving a constant flow of happiness to his foster family.

Credits to Ivy Rylander


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