A concerned citizen called the Hope For Paws team about an injured dog who urgently needed help. The dog was in an active railroad track, which means the team needed to be cautious in approaching the animal.

Approaching slowly was a strategy the team needed to try first hoping that the canine will voluntarily go with them. Unfortunately, when the team was getting close, he started to run away, and into the railroad no less! This is a very dangerous move.

The team used a net to block off the road so the dog is unable to pass. Unfortunately, the dog was able to slip on the sides of the net and was able to run away from the team again. A rescuer ran after the dog, trying to make him turn around.

And when he did, they were able to catch him this time. Hulk was relieved to be with the team, but he has injuries that needed immediate medical attention. He was urgently brought to the vet.

Thanks to the concerned citizens who called the team about the injured dog were there for the entire process of catching him. All of them tried to help any way they can.

Hulk’s muscles were torn which caused him pain but he did not hesitate to let the medical team help him. He also had a broken jaw and multiple fractured teeth. He needed to go on multiple surgeries.

This is one brave dog! Due to the surgeries, he needed time to rest and recover. On day 3, he has been feeling better and even managed to kiss a member of the Hope For Paws team to thank her.

This superhero is now in a foster home. His strength will continue to make him a survivor.

Source Hope For Paws via YouTube


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