Does your friend have a birthday or special occasion coming up? Or maybe they’re just so pawesome that you want to surprise them with a gift just because. Either way, one thing is for certain: if he or she is the ultimate dog lover, you’ll need to choose from the perfect dog lover gifts!

With so much adorable, hilarious, and pawesome dog lover gifts out there, it may be hard to pick just one. Finding all of these cool gifts can be difficult as well. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of 10 perfect gift ideas for your ultimate dog lover of a friend.

Keep reading to see which ones your friend must have!

1. Zen Dogs Garden Sculptures

Did you know that 2018 was the year of the dog according to the Chinese Zodiac? It’s true. And if a stray dog were to walk inside of a home, they would consider it good fortune.

Zen dog garden sculptures are the perfect gift for a dog loving friend who also enjoys a little meditation. These meditating dog sculptures bring peace and relaxation to any space, inside or out!

2. “In Dogs We Trust” Necklace

Because of their pack mentality, dogs view their owners as another member in their pack and that is why many believe that they remain so faithful. When there is no one left to trust, you can always trust your furry friends. That is why the “In Dogs We Trust” necklace is a perfect gift for any dog lover.

Every dog lover knows that these furry friends are our true best friends with their undying loyalty!

3. Yoga Dogs Doormat

Yoga has become increasingly popular. It’s not only known for its calming and meditation effects but its physical health effects as well. With so many people transitioning to the yoga mat, there’s a good chance that your friend enjoys some quality yoga time.

And if they do, this is the perfect gift for them! This hilarious mat features three adorable pups doing yoga on their own mats. It comes in various sizes and can be used either indoors or outdoors.

4. “Dog People Get It” Dog Park Tote

Who doesn’t need a good tote? Tote bags come in handy when making a quick stop at the grocery store, or when heading out to the dog park and needing to bring along toys, potty bags, and more. Anyone can benefit from a nice tote.

But what’s even better about this tote is that it features the words, “Dog People Get It.” And that’s why you need to get it for your doggy loving friend.

5. Personalized Pet Mug

There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee or tea to start a busy work day. And one of the hardest parts about putting in long hours at the office is that you have to leave your little furballs behind. Give your friend a piece of home to take with them every time they leave for work.

Personalize a pet mug just for them! You can take a picture of their furry pal and have it placed on a mug. It’s a personalized gift from the heart!

6. Dog Slippers

For cold morning and evenings, everyone needs a warm and fuzzy pair of slippers! Pick up a pair of slippers featuring anything dog related. You can find ones in just about any style from crazy and silly to mature and simple.

Just be sure to let your friend know that he or she might need to keep them out of sight when not wearing them. Slippers can be quite delicious!

7. Personalized Photo Puzzle

If your bestie has a knack for puzzled, or maybe he or she has children that love to put them together, then the personalized photo puzzle is an absolutely perfect gift for them. You can, again, take a photo of your friend’s furry pal and have it transformed into a puzzle!

You can also add their dog’s name to the puzzle! They’ll love finding the pieces to put their pup’s face together. And it’s something to keep busy on a rainy day.

8. Desktop Plaque

Who doesn’t have family photos hanging all around their desk at work? And if your friend is the ultimate dog lover like we know they are, then they definitely want pictures of their pets at their desk as well. The desktop plaque is a great dog lover gift on its own, but it’ll also go wonderfully with the personalized mug!

A desktop plaque filled with multiple pup pictures is an awesome way for them to show off their furry friend to co-workers. And it’ll help them get through the day as they’ll feel a bit closer to home.

9. Hanging Canvas

What’s another great way for them to display their amazing pup? You can order a hanging canvas with a blown up picture of their dog on it! This hanging canvas is great for at work or at home.

Be sure to choose one of their favorite pictures of their furry friend. It’s the perfect gift for any dog lover who has a bit of an artsy side as well.

10. Paw Print Stud Earrings

When it comes to jewelry, studs are in. And now you no longer have to settle for pearls or diamonds. Pick up your friend a pair of paw print stud earrings.

They’re cute and simple but definitely make a statement. They’re a pawesome way to express the dog lover in them!

You Can’t Go Wrong With These Dog Lover Gifts

When looking for the perfect surprise for your ultimate dog lover friend, you can’t go wrong with one or two of these dog lover gifts. From the home to the office to a day at the dog park, there’s something on this list for every dog lover.

For more on how a man’s best friend is always there for us, check out our blog on lessons learned from dogs!


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