Being different would sometimes mean that you need more care than most animals. A woman in New York welcomed a tiny pitbull into her life. The puppy had multiple health issues. She knew that it was going to be a challenge being her mom, but she was ready.

Marie DeMarco was in it for the long haul, no matter what it would take to make sure that little Sasha would survive and live a happy life. Sasha was born with a cleft palate and lip, which hinders her from getting the right nutrients that she needs. Even on day one, her life was at risk because of her condition.

DeMarco reached out to Courtney Bellew to have Sasha checked and assessed. She immediately recognized the urgent need that Sasha needed. Hydrocephaly, an upper respiratory infection, UTI, and multiple orthopedic issues were only some of the medical conditions that Sasha had.

Because of her mom and the right treatment that has been provided to her, Sasha is getting stronger every day. She still has a lot of challenges that she needs to face, but with the right people surrounding her, she will strive. Sasha’s personality has also emerged.

She is a spunky one! Little Sasha even gets to sport attractive clothes that help her stay warm, which makes her look extra adorable. Sasha also shows her love for cats and how she enjoys spending time with them.

She is still a little wobbly, but the cats seem to know that she needs to be handled with care and gentleness as that’s how they treat her. They don’t deprive her of playing with them. DeMarco has seen the progress that Sasha has achieved, and she is very proud of her.

DeMarco is also very thankful for Bellew for making sure that Sasha gets the proper treatment for her conditions. Despite all of Sasha’s health issues, DeMarco loves her very much and only wants the best for her.

Source My Pets via YouTube


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