Do you know how that saying that goes, ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’? Well, two furry pals would tell us just how true this is and take us on a heartwarming story that would make us appreciate those who are always there for us—canine or otherwise.

OJ is a blind, twelve-year-old dachshund who has a pit bull bestie named Dozer, who helps him navigate his way around. The dynamic duo was brought together at the Richmond Animal Care and Control in Virginia because they couldn’t be looked after anymore by their previous owner. Shelter staff immediately knew that they were an inseparable pair, so part of the condition that they set up is that their future family would take both of them.

It didn’t take long before the shelter found someone who could take them in. However, it wasn’t a happy ending for them just yet. Even though they were adopted side by side, OJ was discovered wandering the road alone one day, looking lost with Dozer as his guide. The facility contacted the person who adopted them and claimed that the two got separated by accident. They had to convince the adopter to return Dozer since this person also didn’t want OJ anymore.

And one month after the unfortunate event, Richmond Animal Care and Control announced a piece of good news! The two dogs’ ‘roller coaster ride of emotion and turmoil’ has finally come to an end, after getting adopted by a home willing to give them forever! Richmond shared this via their official Facebook page, which generated over 8,000 likes.

Aside from the fantastic news, the shelter also highlighted how OJ and Dozer’s love for one another remained steadfast despite the roadblocks they faced, together with their power to adapt and overcome the worst of circumstances.

The shelter also announced that the awesome twosome has their own Instagram account, which their new family has set up for them. Here, you can be kept updated with how their new life is going.

And in an effort to help other countless animals to look for their own homes, but has not received the same amount of mileage as the pair, Richmond Animal Care and Control began a fundraiser in honor of the two to help struggling owners provide for their pets so they won’t have to resort to surrendering them.

What a valiant effort this is from the shelter! And huge thanks to OJ and Dozer for inspiring this initiative so that no pet or owner would have to feel like they are ever alone!

Credits: OJ & Dozer / Instagram , Richmond Animal Care & Control / Facebook


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