Sometimes, life deals us a card that challenges our disposition and our ability to stay positive. This dog survived the harshest condition out there, and his story will make that fire of hope in your hearts burn stronger.

Rescuers found this thirteen-year-old dog in pitiful conditions. There isn’t much of a background to this pet’s story, but we’re thankful that this doggo encountered some kind-hearted humans who saved him.


The rescuers named this pet Bunny, and we can say that this doggo displayed an indomitable spirit. Even after a challenging experience and going blind, he still found it in his heart to trust humans again.

When he walked on grass after his rescue, Bunny looked like he experienced an out-of-this-world event. Can we just hug this doggo and give him all the grass, running space, and treats he wants?

Bunny also got a unique shower after his medical check. Ticks and fleas abounded, but aside from that, our little warrior’s declared healthy.

We think this pet appreciated the medicated shower given to him. We’re sure that felt amazing to you, Bunny! Who wouldn’t feel the same after living with a leash for most of his life?

From now on, only good things for you, doggo – enjoy the scents, love, positive experiences, and fun adventures. Speaking of good things, we received the best news – his forever family’s ready for him!

Bunny’s forever home came from Croatia. At thirteen-years-old, this brave doggo now lives with his doggy pals and a loving hooman family.

There’s a rainbow after the rain indeed, and for Bunny, he found his pot of gold too. We couldn’t be prouder and happier to see this doggy go from chained to free in a short time.

We thank and appreciate Bunny’s rescuers, foster family, and adoptive parents for making a massive improvement to this doggo’s life.

Photo and video credits to Stray Paws via YouTube


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