Before Hope For Paws received a call for the rescue of this abandoned dog roaming the streets, there had been several failed attempts to secure her and place her in a home or in a shelter. The poor thing had completely lost trust in people and when Hope For Paws finally spotted her at the specified location, none of the tricks they had used on their previous rescue operations had worked. They had to resort to using a traditional trap — a cage with an open door and food in it.

She did show interest and even got into the cage so she could enjoy the food more thoroughly, though she kept glancing at her back to make sure no one was trying to block her only exit. She was right in the middle of the cage when the door snapped closed, and for a moment, it seemed to have worked. Except, the whole thing happened just a little too slowly and the dog managed to push her way out before the lock could do its work.

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With time running out and the danger of chasing her off into the traffic still a possibility, they opted to try a more aggressive approach. One of the team members once again offered her treats to convince her to come closer. When she was near enough, the man grabbed for her leg and quickly tried to subdue her attempts to escape, and boy, did she try to get away.

The dog was so startled by the act that she started involuntarily urinating and defecating. It was undoubtedly a stressful experience for her, and for her rescuer, but it had to be done, or they would not have been able to secure her. The sooner she was taken off the streets, the sooner she can start enjoying a much happier lifestyle than she had grown accustomed to. It was worth it.

It certainly took a lot of time for her to start warming up to her new carers. But they were experienced and with her in the shelter and not out in the streets, they had all the time in the world to help her every step of the way.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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