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Diane Perrigo and her husband, Alan Horton, are dog warriors. Currently living in San Felipe, Mexico, Diane and Alan are volunteers to several local animal shelters. But whenever they are not doing volunteer works, the couple would still help dogs by feeding the stray ones.

It has been Diane’s mission to help disadvantaged dogs, especially those who are strays. Ever since she was a child, Diane envisioned herself to be a person who lends a helping hand to dogs. This is the reason why when she grew older, Diane started helping dogs the best way she could.

Diane is pleased because her husband, Alan, shares the same advocacy as hers. With their inkling for dogs, they eventually founded the San Felipe Marina Dogs Group. This group is dedicated to rescuing and feeding stray dogs.

According to the couple, San Felipe is one of the cities in Mexico that has a high population of stray dogs. As much as they want to help all dogs, their resources are limited. But Diane said that as long as they have the resources, they help as many dogs as possible.

In an interview, Diane said that she could not see herself doing other things than this advocacy. Diane promised herself that she would do everything to be of help to these beautiful creatures in their community. Aside from feeding, the couple recently started neutering some of the female dogs. According to the couple, this is an efficient way to stop the increase of the dogs’ population. The couple, though, makes sure that the dog’s health and well-being are prioritized.

Before they neuter dogs, they make sure that the dogs are in good health so that there will be no infection in the long run. After the operation, Diane and Alan make sure that the dogs have fully recovered before they release them.

Credits to Demros TV.


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