When you already formed an unbreakable bond with your dogs, all you want is to include them in every milestone in your life. You want to share every celebration with them, both small or grand, may it be your birthday, wedding, or graduation.

But Marie Taylor thought of a unique way of incorporating her dogs to her birthday party. And thankfully, her boyfriend, Jack, made it all possible.

Marie is a proud mom of two lovely Dobermans, Reuben and Malcolm. She first got Reuben, and a few months before her birthday, she welcomed Malcolm to her pack. Needless to say, Marie was surrounded with all the love and attention she could ever ask for.

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She simply adores her two pooches. Well, who wouldn’t be? The two Dobermans are quite affectionate, goofy, and never fail to make her laugh. But aside from their lovable traits, what Marie adored most about them is their adorable snoots.

Marie has always been fond of her Dobermans’ noses ever since. She found them absolutely cute that she went on to Facebook about how deeply in love she is with them. She even requested her boyfriend, Jack, to make cupcakes with her Dobermans’ snoots as her birthday gift.

Of course, her boyfriend didn’t disappoint. Jack immediately reached out to their friend, who thankfully works at an ice cream shop in Oldham, UK. She whipped out the exact replication of Marie’s dogs’ noses and creatively placed them on the birthday girl’s cupcakes.

When Marie finally saw her cupcakes, she was utterly elated. She even shared that the cakes were way better than she imagined them to be. She was so happy with the outcome that she had her dogs pose with their own dog nose cupcakes.

While Reuben and Malcolm did try to steal a bite off of their mom’s cupcakes, the photos still turned out pretty adorable. Look at how cute these cupcakes are.

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