It is incredible how most dogs react as humans do. This dog, in particular, is acting like a toddler with all his tantrums. Ninja loves the beach and would always enjoy himself every time his parents would bring him there.

When his parents called him to let him know that it was time to go, he obediently went to them. But not obedient enough to go home.

Ninja went to his parents to protest their desire to go home. Ninja would not even put on his leash! This naughty and hard-headed creature went back to the beach for another splash.

Ninja’s mother kept calling him over and over. Ninja would bark and moan in protest. It was clear that he wanted to stay on the beach much longer.

There were moments that he would show that he would put the leash on but decided against it. Ninja would continue to bark at his mother.

This is a dog’s tantrums at its finest. His time at the beach was not enough for this water-loving canine. He wanted more.

Ninja even kept going back to the beach. Sometimes, his mother’s voice would stop him in his tracks, and he would go to his mom to protest again.

This went on for a while, and it is fun to see. It was fun to see the tantrums that this dog was throwing. His family was amused by his reaction.

Ninja obviously loves the water and wanted to spend more time there. There will be other days, and on those days, Ninja might protest again.

This could go on and on, and it would continue to be entertaining. Ninja has a big personality which shows on the video. And he is not afraid to tell his family what’s on his mind.

Ninja surely gave them a piece of his mind.

Source Ribbey101 via YouTube


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