Meet Chief, or also known as Oreo Cloud since he looked like an Oreo McFlurry with his white fur and cute black spots. He quickly became viral after his mom, Sara Hamilton, posted a picture of him on the popular Facebook group called Dogspotting Society. People’s hearts melted upon seeing him and soon they were tagging their friends to take a look at this cute Oreo Cloud.

Chief who will grow into an 85-pound fluff and a natural leader, thus his name, came from Omaha, Nebraska. He went on a 1,700-mile journey to join his new family in Northern California. Back then, Sarah and her husband just got married and they thought it was the perfect moment for a dog to enter their family.

When he came into Sara’s family, he was already potty-trained at eight weeks. He was also a very protective dog who slept by the main door every single night. They also discovered that Chief loved to cuddle and he liked taking a nap on his mom and dad. And he also snored the loudest.

Aside from those things, Chief also loved baths. He loved it too much that he would get so jealous when they would draw one but don’t invite him. He would have that expression that was both so cute and funny.

Chief was also born and raised with a lot of children and he totally loved them. Sara, on the other hand, had a background in volunteering to help sick kids at the hospital. And she knew that Chief would be a great therapy dog for these kids.

Now, this cute fluff is on his way to becoming a great therapy dog, learning etiquette then enrolling into basic dog training classes as well as therapy classes. Then he would take his test and become a certified therapy dog and visit the sick kids at the hospital. We’re rooting for you, Chief.

Source: Instagram via theoreocloud


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