It’s hard to look at dogs when they’re in an unhealthy condition. Fortunately, dog rescuers exist to help strays and get them out of dire situations. It’s very fulfilling to watch a dog transform into a healthier version of himself.

The following story is about a dog named Benji. He was found in South Africa. The dog was extremely thin and could barely walk. Benji must have a really strong willpower to survive for a very long time without food.

The rescuer immediately gave him something to eat. After eating, Benji was taken to the vet. Even the veterinarian was shocked to see the state the dog was in. The rescuer and the vet stayed inside the clinic for two hours after closing time. They spent more time caring for Benji that day.

Rachael Sylvester fostered Benji for a while. She made sure Benji gained weight. Benji’s personality became more and more intense as he recovered.

Benji was adopted by a kind woman named Eleni Pantelis. She discovered that Benji had some issues with aggression, but she didn’t give up on him. Benji was sent to a rehabilitation facility called Pure Rehab.

The rehabilitation facility became a safe space for Benji. He met another dog who he played with all the time. Eleni had brought her dog to the facility every Saturday for over two years.

Benji had become less fearful of people and less aggressive. The young pit bull has learned a lot of amazing tricks. His confidence is commendable for a dog with a sad past.

This is another one of those featured stories that show how amazing dogs can become if given the right care. There is always an organization out there who have dogs waiting for the right owner. Other dogs like Benji are waiting for the right person to adopt them.

Story courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.


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