how to keep your dog cool

how to keep your dog cool

Summer’s a great season. That said, it’s also a hot season. And if you have dogs, the heat of summer can put them in risky situations.

That’s why you’re here – you’re wondering how to keep your dog cool in the summertime. Fortunately, we can help you.

Here is how to keep dogs cool in the summer.

1. Establish Shade

First and foremost, if you’re going to keep your dog cool this summer, you’re going to need to establish shade. If you can keep direct sunlight off of your furry friend, you can keep his or her body temperature down substantially.

There are a number of different ways to establish a bit of shade for your dog. One option is to build him or her a doghouse; another option is to plant a new tree; you might even consider assembling an awning or a tent. In any case, you need to ensure that your dog has a retreat from the sunlight.

2. Keep Water Handy

Not only do you need to establish some shade for your dog, but you must also keep water handy for your dog. Water is vital not only because of its ability to hydrate but because of its ability to cool the body. Drinking water on a regular basis will regulate your dog’s body temperature, ensuring that he or she doesn’t become overheated.

This is as simple as keeping a bowl of water out in your yard. That way, your dog can come over and get a drink as needed.

Note, make sure to clean the bowl out as needed. It can get fairly dirty, particularly if it’s sitting outside. You don’t want your dog drinking dirt, grass clippings, and other sorts of outdoor residue.

3. Regulate the Duration of Outdoor Play Sessions

Some dogs are built to be outside all day, regardless of how hot or cold it is. Most dogs, however, have limits as to how long they can withstand extreme temperatures.

See, unlike human beings, dogs don’t sweat. Instead, they regulate their body temperature by panting. However, too much panting can be a problem, and, in some cases, can even result in death.

As such, it’s wise to regulate the duration of your dog’s outdoor play sessions. If temperatures are exceeding 85 degrees Fahrenheit, you shouldn’t have your dog outside any more than 30 to 45 minutes at a time. Once this amount of time has elapsed, you’re advised to bring your dog back inside.

That said, if you — at any point — notice heavy panting from your dog, you should get him or her inside as soon as possible.

4. Set Up a Pool

Some dogs are deathly afraid of water. But if yours isn’t, you might consider setting up a small pool in your yard. Not only could this pool be a lot of fun for your dog, but it could also aid in keeping him or her cool throughout the day.

You don’t need anything special. A hard plastic baby pool from the dollar store will get the job done. Just fill it with water, throw in some of your dog’s toys, and spend a pleasant day under the sun.

5. Employ a Cooling Vest

Another way to keep your dog cool in the summertime is to employ a cooling vest. Cooling vests apply cold directly to a dog’s skin and fur, thereby lowering his or her body temperature.

Cooling vests are exceedingly easy to use. All you have to do is dip them in water and wring them out. Once you’ve done that, you just put them on their respective dogs; the cooling benefits will last for an hour or so, after which you can just reload them with water.

6. Invest in Cooling Dog Toys

Do you know how you usually like to throw a frisbee to your dog? Well, maybe instead, you can swap out that frisbee for a cooling dog toy. There are all sorts of cool-cored dog toys on the market, all of which can help to keep your dog’s body temperature down during those particularly hot days.

All you’ll need is a freezer. Keep the toys in your freezer overnight, grab them when it’s time to go outside, and your dog will get to enjoy hours of chilled fun.

7. Make Use of a Gel Infused Dog Bed

Not only do summer days bring the heat outdoors but indoors as well. As such, you need to what you can to keep your dog comfortable within your domicile.

One thing you can do is buy a gel-infused dog bed. These beds are specifically designed to remain cool against a dog’s skin and fur, preventing heat from building up over time.

As such, by investing in such a bed, you can provide your dog with the best sleep possible. Looking for such a bed? Just type “gel-infused dog bed” into Google. You’ll find tons of options available.

8. Test the Pavement Before Walking

Before going on a walk with your dog, it is extremely important that you test the heat of the pavement. Believe it or not, dogs’ paws can only take so much heat. And in many cases, roads and sidewalks can exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, how do you test? All you have to do is put your hand or bare foot down on the hot surface. If you can’t leave it there for over 10 seconds, it’s far too hot for your dog to walk on.

Note, failing to do this could result in a costly trip to the veterinarian’s office. Not to mention serious pain for your furry friend.

Now That You Know How to Keep Your Dog Cool . . .

Now that you know how to keep your dog cool, you might be searching for other dog-related info. If so, you’re in the right place. We’ve always got you covered.

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