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Peter Koska never imagined that he would be regarded as a hero, let alone a savior. But the man from Dedham, Massachusetts, became one after saving dogs from a burning car. This incident happened when Peter was on his way to his workplace.

In his narrative, Peter said that he saw three dogs trapped inside the car. As a natural response, the man wanted to help the three poor dogs. Since no one else was near the place of incidence, Peter moved fast and saved the three dogs.

While he understands the danger of doing so, Peter did not hesitate to put his life at risk. In his mind, all he wanted to do is to save the three dogs from the burning car. Peter was also aware that the vehicle would explode any moment, so he moved very fast.

As he was saving the three dogs, a neighbor shouted and asked for help. The neighbor realized that no one was there, so she instead called 911. But while talking with the 911, the neighbor realized that Peter was already successful in saving the three dogs.

According to the neighbor, she saw Peter emerged from the vehicle with the three dogs. When asked, meanwhile, Peter said that he was thankful that the car’s door was unlocked. This made the rescue less complicated because the door was open.

The car eventually exploded, and it was heard across the neighborhood. When the explosion was over, many people trooped to the site, including the dogs’ owners. Peter said that the dogs’ owner was very thankful for what he has done to save the three dogs.

Similarly, Peter learned that the supposed owner was a walker of the three dogs. When the incident happened, the dogs’ caretaker went to another household to fetch another pooch.

Credits to CBS Boston.


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