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Murphy, a rescued dog by PETA, was covered in two full pounds of matted fur after his owners neglected him. The staff found him locked up alone in a small and dirty crate. Poor dog, he wasn’t allowed to explore outside, let alone play with the other dogs.

When the staff opened Murphy’s filthy crate, they realized that he needed a trip not only to the groomers but also to the bathroom because he looked so dirty and smelled disgusting. The poor pup’s body was covered in his poop, which explained his bad smell.

Without any second thoughts, the staff brought the dog to an animal center, where he could get his much-needed makeover. However, when the vets tried to cut away his excess fur, they soon realized that a razor wasn’t enough to remove his massive tangles. So, the vets resorted to giving the poor animal some sedatives to remove his matted fur.

After the successful makeover, Murphy turned into a completely different animal. Gone were the two full pounds of fur, which were quite heavy for a 7-pound dog like him. Now that he’s free of unwanted hair and away from his smelly crate, he’s excited to start a brand new life.

The PETA volunteers showered Murphy with attention and care during his temporary stay at the Virginia shelter. He was such an energetic dog—one who loved running and playing around, so everybody just loved him. After a long time of being locked up, the pup was finally having a taste of freedom.

Murphy was also given his much-needed rest before he was transferred to an even bigger shelter. There he met his new family, who was more than willing to give him a forever home. This lucky dog finally got the happy ending that he long deserved.

Watch the beautiful transformation of this matted dog in the video below.

Source The Animal Rescue Site via YouTube


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