Humans have never liked Mondays. This day of the week is a total killjoy. Instead of enjoying our beauty sleep and whole day relaxation on the bed, we get up early to prepare for school or work. And you know what that means? Another start of a dreadful, busy week that we have to endure before another weekend comes again.

This husky could not agree more. Zeus, the sleepyhead husky, hates Mondays too. He represents everyone who has to get up early on a Monday morning but really, really wants to stay in bed for five more minutes (aka forever). His owner tried to talk him out of bed, patiently repeating that he has to get up, but this stubborn husky is not giving up without a fight.

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He just laid there on the bed and kept whining and rolling his eyes at his mom, practically saying that nothing can make him get up. Even if his mom mentioned breakfast, he still wouldn’t budge! He kept negotiating, standing up during the discussion but doesn’t really get out of bed. He bargained some more for the next few seconds, whining louder than before.

His German Shepherd brother even went to help their mom convince him to get out of bed, barking along and scolding Zeus for not getting up early. Then finally, Zeus lays again on the bed and makes one final whine before bouncing off the bed at last and heading straight to the door to join his brother.

But although Zeus is a stubborn husky, he is quite the internet sensation. He has his own YouTube channel (with more than 120,000 subscribers) where all of his hilarious shenanigans are posted. He is a definite cure for Mondays!

Watch how stubborn he is here.


Courtesy of Zeus, The Stubborn Husky


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