When you’re smaller than the rest, and you’re also the youngest in the brood, things get a little challenging. It gets tougher when you have older brothers, and you’re the little sister.

This story’s about a tiny female dog, Nokdu, and her everyday life with her older male siblings. They pretty much do what brothers do, so if you have them, you know what we mean.

Nokdu feels the considerable difference in dynamics, especially when mealtime comes. Her taller, older brothers get access to the treats first, and Nokdu pretty much gets leftovers.

All that jostling and scrambling ends up in chaos, and Nokdu gets the shorter end of the stick. What’s there to do? Adapt, of course.

Fortunately, Nokdu’s hooman understands that the tiny pet needs to socialize with doggies her size. Human mom brings other pets in for playtime, and the fun’s underway.

One border collie plays a little rough and gets tiny Nokdu hurt. Her brothers, cooped up in a playpen, didn’t like this one bit.

They immediately rush out and go full-blown defense mode – uh-oh, that’s what you get when you hurt the little sister, collie!

The border collie realizes he’s in trouble and runs to his hooman to hide. Nokdu enjoys seeing the bully pet squirm, and she joins in the barking and growling.

Nokdu then discovers that brothers can also serve as the best protectors – you’re right there, pet! A brother will protect and defend you from ill intentions and rough play.

We won’t see the border collie around anytime soon, but what we can expect to see more often’s a tiny Nokdu cozying up to her brothers.

We’re glad that you discovered the secret code to a brother-sister relationship, pet. Thanks for reminding us that sometimes, challenges happen to bring out the best in us.

Photo and video credits to SBS TV via YouTube


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