A beautiful hunk won this year’s most coveted prize in the National Dog Show. Thor, a two-year-old bulldog, won Best In Show, besting nearly 2,000 other dogs from 194 breeds. He also made history as he was the first of his breed to win the top prize.

David Frei, judge and co-host of the show, praised Thor for his dignified bearing, saying he had a commendable temperament. Aside from his stellar attitude, Thor was also described by Frei as a magnificent hunk of a dog. He surely did justice with his name.

Thor has been trained by his handler and owner, Eduardo Paris. The proud and overjoyed Peruvian described Thor as very athletic, sweet, and playful. Paris extolled the dog’s talent in the high jump and revealed how he loves playing with other dogs in the kennel. He believes that Thor’s beautiful construction made him win in the competition.

Thor was declared the ultimate winner among six other finalists. He first won in the non-sporting category then went up against a Siberian husky, a golden retriever, a soft-coated wheaten terrier, a pharaoh hound, an Old English sheepdog, and a Havanese. The Havanese was declared the first runner-up.

The show has become an annual tradition to parade purebreds and acquaint viewers of their characteristics and history. It is aired after the Thanksgiving Parade of Macy’s and has attracted a following of more than 20 million viewers. The annual event was presented by NBC and organized by the Philadelphia Kennel Club.

Thor quickly rose into stardom as he captured the hearts of the adoring fans and viewers from all over the country. It is understandable though that some may have been disappointed for his win due to personal reasons. What matters most is everyone enjoyed the amazing display of canine beauty and abilities.

Credits to Haleigh Hoffman


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