Although some dogs are naughty and a bit of a handful, we can’t deny that they all have good sides, too. This small pup from Brazil, for instance, has learned an adorable neat trick on her own all for the sake of her beloved senior owner. And this sweet gesture of hers has now made her an online sensation.

At 86 years old, Ana Clara Simoes’ grandmother had been using a wheelchair after losing one of her legs. This wasn’t an issue for Grandma, though, as Ana’s family members were all happy to lend a hand whenever she needed to get around the house.

However, over time, the family realized that they were not the only ones making things easy for Grandma. Her small pooch, Lili, was apparently in it, too. The pup had been with Ana’s grandmother for about two years now, and the old woman had delighted in the dog’s company ever since.

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But while many only viewed Lili as a simple companion, she recently proved that she could take on a more serious and helpful role: her fur mom’s caretaker. Ana began noticing Lili’s sweet gestures every time Grandma would enter the living room in her wheelchair.

Before the old lady reached the door to the main room, Lili would immediately drag away the mats lying on the way. She would then come back to the room to greet her fur mom with a wagging tail. The pup did this every time without fail, and the Simoes family couldn’t believe that she just learned that all by herself.

Although the wheelchair could easily cross the room with or without the mats, Grandma was still very appreciative of her small dog’s little way of helping. The clip of Lili clearing the way for Grandma had since gone viral on Twitter, earning over 1.5 million views. Watch the heartwarming video here.

Courtesy of @vintagversace


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