Puppies are adventurous, innocent, and genuine. They do whatever they like to do, and often, their actions make us laugh out loud.

That’s precisely what this pup made his dad do when he did one of the funniest things. Dad called his puppy to him, and he obeyed, bringing a toy that was almost his size.

Since this pup was a tiny furball, he walked like one of those prancing horses to keep his balance. That made dad laugh a full-bellied one, and in all honesty, we did too.

The fluffball could barely see where he was going, and that explains all the prancing. He was probably extending those legs to check for bumps or obstacles along the way.

Dad was so amused by his pet’s actions because it’s the kind of good vibes that only innocent puppies could bring. He wanted to obey his dad, but he didn’t want to leave his toy, hence the compromise.

It was a good one, but this young pup didn’t consider how silly he’d look. Who brings a toy that’s easily his size and who blocked the sight of everything on his way?

Only this puppy, that’s who. He’s silly, but he looked so adorable, and we’re here for it. The puppy knew that there would be no obstacles in the middle of the living room, so he ran at full speed.

This tiny pup was obviously excited to show dad his fluffy toy, and how strong he was. He was definitely flexing, and dad welcomed it all. What an adorable puppy, and such a little tiger too!

May this puppy be a reminder to be our most authentic, best selves. Thanks for the massive dose of genuine fun, pet!

It’s this kind of reminder that makes us laugh at our own quirks, and we’re all for it!

Credits to ViralSnare Rights Management via YouTube


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