This is one smart dog. Lulu, a Shiba Inu, knew that she was going to the vet that particular day.

Lulu has an appointment with her vet because she will get spayed that day. Like most animals, Lulu is also not a fan of the vet clinic.

When Lulu’s mom came to her bed to wake her up, Lulu did the funniest thing. She played dead.

Now, that’s one smart dog. Lulu would rather stay in bed all day than go to the doctors. Lulu’s mom tried to wake her up. She even rubbed her belly and behind her eyes in an attempt to wake her.

But that was all it was, an attempt. Lulu is such a good actress as she continues to close her eyes. It’s pretty impressive.

Her commitment to the role was strong and was amazing. Her mom continues to wake her in the hopes of getting her to the vet. It seems that her efforts were futile as Lulu would not budge.

At first, Lulu’s mom thought that she just wanted to sleep in. When she realized what Lulu was doing, she was amused. Lulu is playing dead to avoid going to the vet.

Lulu’s mom even tested her and checked if she would break. She didn’t. She continued acting as if she was asleep or dead.

Lulu’s mom noticed that her efforts were being ignored and were not effective. So Lulu’s mom did the only thing she knew would wake up Lulu from her pretend to sleep.

Her mom knows her better than anyone, and she knew that opening treats would do the trick. She was right.

When she opened a bag of treats, Lulu’s eyes suddenly opened wide. She stared at her mom and the bag of treats, hoping that she still gets some after the stunt that she pulled.

Her mom was so impressed by her acting and commitment that Lulu still got the treats that she wanted.

Source Fun Kiwi Kids via YouTube


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