Dog owner, Kristie Ann Ramos was in tears when she was finally reunited with her miniature dachshund, Khaleesi, who had been stuck in a six-inch diameter drain pipe for almost 24 hours in Secaucus, New Jersey. Being a hunting dog, Khaleesi was out training for hunting on the day of the incident.

According to Kristie’s husband, Emilio, Khaleesi was chasing a rabbit when she accidentally fell into the hole and got stuck. Khaleesi didn’t return home on time so Emilio had to use the tracker on Khaleesi’s collar. That’s when he discovered Khaleesi’s situation.

Aside from being trapped inside the pipe, Khaleesi was also in danger of being crushed by the falling debris from an adjacent wall. The said wall had been used as a retaining wall to prevent soil from the opposite side of the wall from collapsing. However, by the time Khaleesi got into the pipe, the retaining wall was also deemed structurally unstable and was feared to collapse while the tiny dog was trapped inside.

Thankfully, volunteer firefighters responded for Kristie’s call for help. Given the dangerous circumstances they were in – the rough terrain, and the retaining wall in danger of collapsing – the firefighters had to leave Khaleesi inside the pipe overnight.

It was a tough night, and nobody slept. Everybody was anxious about what could happen overnight. The following morning, and with the aid of state-of-the-art equipment, the firefighters dug out the soil to finally rescue Khaleesi. After hours of digging and drilling through the pipe, they finally got Khaleesi out.

Khaleesi came out of the pipe unharmed and everybody was relieved. It was indeed a grueling day, but everybody was happy that Khaleesi was safe after that ordeal.

Here’s a short video clip on how the team of firefighters managed to rescue Khaleesi from that life-threatening situation:

Source CBS New York via Youtube


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