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People and animals alike react to trauma the best way they know. And for this little puppy, his coping mechanism is to hide his face and push it against the wall.

Losing his mom

Looking to cross a busy road one day, a momma dog and her pup prepared to get to the other side. Tragedy struck, and the animal lost his mom when a car hit her.

Scared beyond reason, poor Marley cowered and shook by the bridge close to his mom’s lifeless body. Rescuers couldn’t come near him for hours. He’d bite, bark, and shy away from people attempting to help him.

Eventually, shelter workers were able to get and bring him in. Marley wasn’t used to people and people’s touches, and so another challenge was underway.

Marley would push his face against the wall, and no amount of coaxing helped. He continued doing it for days after the rescue. Rescuers attempted using food to get him away from the wall to eat.

Eventually, he started to socialize. He’d bark when another dog is within the vicinity, but he’d also wag his tail. Shelter workers used another senior dog to show Marley that it’s okay to get touched and get near humans.

Born a fighter, Marley was a long way from the life he deserved. When his adoption came, rescuers were ecstatic for him. Still a little timid and shy, they knew he was on to a better path.

Sadly, the shelter welcomed Marley back. His foster family’s dog never accepted him, and so they decided to return him. He’s still waiting with a positive outlook in life, and we will be the first ones to cheer when he does get to his forever home!

Trained, groomed, and cared for by his loving shelter rescuers, Marley can’t wait to be with his future mom and dad.

Image credits to DAR Animal Rescue via Facebook


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