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This United States veteran named Byung Kang developed a good rapport with his dog partner, Blue. From 2011 until 2012, the two served the country as they got deployed to Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, Byung and Blue were among the 300 combat soldiers of the United States Marine Corps.

In the battlefield, military dogs experience the same dangers experienced by their human counterparts. But most of the time, these military dogs serve as the human’s assistant to quell the rebellion and the state’s enemies. This may be a daunting task for the dog, but they are trained to do this function.

Blue is no stranger to this kind of environment. Since she is a military dog, the pooch has already gotten used to dealing with explosives and war. Just like their human counterparts, military dogs have special skills to offer in the table. Blue became Byung’s special assistant to detect improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The pooch has a strong sense of smell, so it is Blue’s task to let Byung know whenever there are IEDs in the vicinity. During their time together in Afghanistan, the two were able to help each other with their mission. Blue and Byung similarly survived the war and went home to their respective places alive and kicking.

This is the only thing that Byung is thankful to Blue. According to the soldier, the pooch made sure he is safe all the time. This is why in 2018 when Byung got the chance to adopt the pooch for good, the soldier did not waste the opportunity.

It was Byung who personally processed all the needed documents for the dog’s adoption. Byung said this is his way of thanking the pooch for being loyal to him during their time in Afghanistan. More than this, Byung wants to pay the dog forward, so he is adopting the dog.

Credits to Hero Dog Awards.


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