Being away from family because of war is challenging. When someone is in a foreign country, they lean on to the person or in this case, the animal who is always there. That’s what happened to Lance Corporal David Pond.

His battle buddy was a dog named Pablo. Pablo was his family while he was in Afghanistan. They did everything together.

Pond said that Pablo had been his rock and strength while at war. What they have been through was difficult. While others would run away from bombs, they would need to run towards it.

These are young men at war, and they need all the support that they could get from each other.

At this age, they have seen a lot of traumatic things. For Pond, all he knew was how to be with Pablo in war. So when he came home to Colorado, he missed his battle buddy.

When he was diagnosed with PTSD, he knew that he needed his canine buddy even more. Pond needed his old friend now more than ever.

Pond made it his mission to see Pablo again. Pond was determined to adopt his old partner. Pablo was working in a marine base in Georgia at that time.

Pond sent out a petition for the adoption which gathered more than 187,000 signatures. With his determination, his request was granted.

As Pablo retired, Pond was granted the adoption. According to Pond, Pablo is like a son to him.

Pablo makes everything better in his life, and he is forever grateful for him. With his PTSD, he needed a stable companion. Someone that he could trust with his life.

That’s Pablo. These two have a bond that can never be broken. It’s good to see that these two are reunited and will spend their days together.

Source NBC News via YouTube


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