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It is sad to see homeless people living on the streets. But most of the time, these homeless people have dogs with them. For most of them, these dogs mean the world to them because these dogs are the only thing they have. Good thing, there are good Samaritans who are keen on extending help to these homeless people and dogs.

One of them is Ruby Shorrock, a veterinary medicine student. Ruby was able to persuade her other classmates to provide resources for these homeless individuals with their dogs. With their love for animals, these veterinary medicines students founded the Trusty Paws Clinic in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Although most of these students are still at school, it is not a problem because they can already practice what they learn inside the classroom. Two years after they founded the Trusty Paws Clinic, Ruby said that their clinic created an impact in their immediate community. More than this, Ruby also received awards for this kind of initiative.

According to Ruby, awards do not matter for her. She said that what she and her other classmates do is for these homeless people with their dogs. The veterinary medicine students provide free medical check-ups and other services to the dogs.

The group likewise provides temporary shelter to the people and their dogs, especially during the winter season. Ruby said that she and her other classmates would continue with this advocacy even after graduating from the university.

When they are already full-fledged veterinarians, they will pass on the responsibility to the lower years of their degree program. Ruby explained that this would be a win-win situation because the lower years can learn practical techniques from real-life patients. Ruby said that she is happy that many undergraduate students are volunteering to be part of the organization.

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Posted by BBC Three on Saturday, December 24, 2016

Credits to BBC Three.


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